Darrick T. Chase

Darrick T. Chase, Of Counsel

Mr. Chase’s practice includes all aspects of the trial and settlement of complex marital dissolutions, including business valuation matters and other complex asset matters, contests of pre-marital, cohabitation and separation agreements, pre-judgment and post-judgment spousal support matters, and high conflict custody and visitation matters, including extensive experience with relocation issues. Mr. Chase has extensive estate planning experience, and experience in resolving post-death estate and trust disputes. Mr. Chase also counsels clients going through mediation, including assisting clients in acquiring appropriate communication and negotiation skills. Mr. Chase has extensive experience litigating highly contested property division cases, support disputes, and custody conflicts.

Mr. Chase has served as a Pro Tem Settlement Conference Judge for the San Francisco Superior Court. Mr. Chase has extensive negotiation and hearing experience as a San Francisco Unified Family Court appointed Minors Counsel on behalf of minor children going through high conflict custody and visitation disputes. Mr. Chase also serves as a Mentor at the request of the San Francisco Unified Family Court assisting attorneys seeking to qualify as Minors Counsel.

Mr. Chase practiced family law with the firm Sucherman and Collins from 1991 through 1994 and with the Law Offices of Darrick T. Chase from 1994 through 2008. Mr. Chase is also serving an elected four year term as a Director and the current President of the Bel Marin Keys Community Services District in Marin County, California.

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